Hybrids, Sixpack, Bone, Decapitation

Rzeźby Hybrydy, połączenie rakiety i kolumny

Symbolic sculptural objects combining various extreme concepts

Hybrids, height: 185cm, resin/plaster, 2016

Rzeźby Hybrydy, połączenie rakiety i kolumny
Anty-gone triptych, Song of the Goat Theatre, poster made by John Weston Group, 2018

Little Hybrids, Little Hybrids, height: ~1m, plaster and resin, 2017 (private collection)

During the vernisage, LE CARTE ET LE TERRITOIRE, Galerie du Crous, Paris, France

Decapitation, height 3,2m, mixed media, 2016, Outdoor sculpture, Józef Brandt Palace, Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, Poland

Sixpack, 60x25x25cm, resin, 2015 (private collection)

Bone, length ~2m, wood and plaster, 2015, outdoor sculpture, Bukówko, Poland